The 50 Best Mountain Bike Trails Worldwide According to ChatGPT

Discover the world’s best mountain bike trails! From Utah’s rugged terrain to New Zealand’s lush landscapes, adventure awaits you.

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What are the best mountain bike trails in the world? Trails that riders are willing to travel to in order to experience incredible views, unique terrain, unparalleled singletrack, and maybe even a cool town to check out post-ride. That’s what every mountain bike adventurer wants to know, right? What is the best of the best?

While I have ridden a lot of places and checked off many iconic trails, my wheels haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s out there. My bike-it list is a mile long and I’m always reading or hearing about new epic trails to ride.

Word of mouth is great for discovering awesome singletrack, but now that the era of AI is here, I thought I would take it a step further and ask OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4 to come up with a list of the 50 best mountain bike trails around the world.

Let’s see what it comes up with! And be sure to leave a comment below – do you agree? Disagree? What other trails would you add to this list?

Note: I did not create this list. It was generated by AI. If you have opinions, don’t take them out on me, I’m just the spokesperson for ChatGPT 🙂 ChatGPT would also like you to know that “the ‘best’ trails are somewhat subjective and may depend on your skill level, preferred type of ride (such as cross country, downhill, or freeride), and other preferences.”

Without further ado, here is what Chat GPT considers to be the best mountain bike trails in the world (with personal opinions/comments added):

  1. The Whole Enchilada – Moab, Utah, USA
    • Agreed, TWE deserves to be on this list
  2. Downieville Downhill – Downieville, California, USA
    • Sure, it’s an iconic ride
  3. North Shore – British Columbia, Canada
    • Haven’t been, but I’ve heard amazing (and terrifying) things
  4. The Old Ghost Road – West Coast, New Zealand
    • My brother and sister-in-law did this as a 3-night trip and they said it was incredible
  5. Whistler Mountain Bike Park – Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
    • I think most people agree that Whister is the gold star of bike parks
  6. Slickrock Trail – Moab, Utah, USA
    • Um, no…
  7. Maah Daah Hey Trail – North Dakota, USA
    • On my bike-it list for bikepacking
  8. The Flume Trail – Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA
    • One of the most scenic trails I’ve ever ridden
  9. Lord of the Squirrels – Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
    • High on my bike-it list. The views are supposed to be phenomenal
  10. Tsali Trails – North Carolina, USA
    • Fun and worth a visit? Yes. Best trails in the world? Definitely not
  11. The Queenstown Bike Park – Queenstown, New Zealand
    • Don’t know anything about it, but I like New Zealand
  12. McKenzie River Trail – Oregon, USA
    • I’ve done it once and it was fun. It is an iconic trail
  13. Kingdom Trails – Vermont, USA
    • I’m from Vermont so I’m biased, but the Kingdom Trails are pretty awesome
  14. Copper Harbor Trails – Michigan, USA
    • Haven’t visited yet, but high on my list
  15. Zermatt – Switzerland
    • I hope there’s a chairlift
  16. La Palma – Canary Islands, Spain
    • I’ve heard good things about the riding on the Canary Islands, but that’s all I know
  17. Les Gets Bike Park – France
    • I’ve heard of it, that’s about it
  18. Finale Ligure – Italy
    • The DH tracks look terrifying
  19. Rotorua – New Zealand
    • Geothermal baths post-ride? Sign me up
  20. Sella Ronda MTB Hero Tour – Dolomites, Italy
    • What is a Hero Tour?
  21. Cerro Catedral – Bariloche, Argentina
    • Never heard of it, but the TrailForks photos look epic
  22. Fairy Creek – Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
    • Sounds pretty
  23. 401 Trail – Crested Butte, Colorado, USA
    • The wildflowers are supposed to be amazing
  24. Mefjellet – Todalen, Norway
    • I’d probably need an e-bike
  25. Oakridge – Oregon, USA
    • Maybe… I didn’t love it, but I need to visit again
  26. Slickrock – Sedona, Arizona, USA
    • I don’t even think there is a trail called Slickrock in Sedona
  27. Swiss National Park – Switzerland
    • Sounds epic
  28. Otter Trail – South Africa
    • This is less than a mile long and has one five-star review on TrailForks
  29. Nevados de Chillan – Chile
    • The photos on TrailForks make it look incredible
  30. Blue Derby – Tasmania, Australia
    • I need to go! Very high on my bike-it list
  31. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route – Canada/USA
    • There is very little actual mountain biking on this route…
  32. Kitzbüheler Alps – Austria
    • Never heard of it and couldn’t find it on TrailForks
  33. Jonkershoek Nature Reserve – South Africa
    • What about the lions…?
  34. Annadel State Park – California, USA
    • Fun, but not the best in the world
  35. Bright Victoria – Australia
    • I know Victoria has some good riding
  36. Dalby Forest – Yorkshire, UK
    • Supposed to be pretty fun
  37. Dragon’s Back – Hong Kong
    • I’m pretty sure you can’t bike this
  38. Suicide Trail – California, USA
    • Sounds fun…….
  39. Tour de Mont Blanc – France/Italy/Switzerland
    • What does the tour involve?
  40. Morzine – France
    • No idea
  41. Dyfi Forest – Wales, UK
    • Supposedly one of the iconic places to ride in Britain
  42. Forrest Mountain Bike Trails – Victoria, Australia
    • Again, I’ve heard good things about the mountain biking in Victoria, but don’t know much about it
  43. Lenzerheide Bike Park – Switzerland
    • I’d like to watch the pros ride it…
  44. Plose Singletrail – Brixen, Italy
    • Never heard of it and it’s not on TrailForks
  45. Patagonia – Argentina
    • Patagonia is a big place
  46. The Colorado Trail – Colorado, USA
    • Impressive if you do it all. Not really iconic in sections
  47. The Gap – Wales, UK
    • This is in Ireland, not Wales
  48. South Boundary Trail – Taos, New Mexico, USA
    • Fun, but not one of the best mountain bike trails in the world
  49. Alpe d’Huez – French Alps, France
    • Looks amazing!
  50. Val di Sole Bike Land – Trentino, Italy
    • Hopefully there is non-pro-only terrain

Alright, I know there will be opinions. How did Chat GPT do? What trails or destinations would you add to this list?

Out of the places I’ve ridden, I would add:

Leave your comments below!

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