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  1. I think your ebike information is incorrect. No BLM land allows ebikes, see here : “E-bikes of any type are not permitted on mountain bike trails — they are limited to motorized-approved roads (Scenic Drive, Rocky Gap Road, Harris Springs Road, Cottonwood To Good Springs Road, Black Velvet Canyon Access Road and the Mustang Loop).”

    Even if people are breaking the law, it’s not responsible to post that they’re ok when the land manger doesn’t allow them

  2. This is a fantastic list of trail recommendations, it was very helpful planning a long week of riding different areas and styles around Vegas.

  3. great information and much details provided. will be in Vegas this Nov and hopefully with your shared information, i will have a blast trailing in Vegas.

  4. Fantastic write up, thanks for taking the time to educate others on the amazing trails we have to offer!

    P.S. Just a quick correction, Mt. Charleston peak is 11,916 ft. =)

  5. Hi Becky.
    I was wondering if there are any businesses that run mountain biking tours. I might bring my husband in early October and he wouldn’t want to ride by himself. He’s an experienced mountain biker so I know he would want to have some fun on the trails. Can you help with a good tour business…if one exists?

  6. Thank you so much for all this precious information. I have taken notes and will save a lot of time on the trails and visit the best ones.
    Your canadian friend,

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