Terry Butterfly Century Saddle Review

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Bike saddles are probably the most difficult piece of biking gear to get right. I’ve tried dozens of saddles – some I’ve loved and some left me with painful chafing. Most were ‘okay’.

My biggest struggle has been to find a saddle that is comfortable for long days on the bike for multi-day bikepacking trips. I typically do 30-50 miles a day and I’m prone to getting really sore sits bones and soft tissue chafing. Not fun.

So I was ecstatic when I discovered the Terry Butterfly Century Saddle. This women’s saddle is specifically designed for long days on the bike – just what I was looking for.

In this review, I dive into the features of the Terry Butterfly Century Bike Saddle, why it works for me, and how it stands out from other bike saddles on the market.

Terry Butterfly Century Saddle

  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces
  • Rails: Titanium
  • Cushioning material: Foam and gel
  • MSRP: $189.95
Terry Butterfly Century Saddle


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Large cutout
  • Shock-absorbing foam
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for women by women


  • Feels a bit bulky at first
  • Like all saddles, may not work for everyone
  • Pricey

Where to shop:

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What I like

The cushioning

During my 11-day Cross-Washington bikepacking trip, my biggest complaint was really sore sits bones. Some days, I could barely sit on my saddle they hurt so much.

Fast forward to my 13-day Costa Rica bikepacking trip with my Terry Buttery Century saddle and my butt was significantly less sore. I won’t say there was no tenderness, but compared to my Washington trip, I was a happy camper.

So what makes the Century saddle so comfortable?

It’s designed with a layer of Poron XRD shock-absorbing material, which is often used to cushion footwear to reduce impact.

In addition to this cushy material, there’s also a thin layer of gel at the top. I don’t typically like gel saddles, but the Century only has a thin layer, so it’s not overly soft like most gel saddles.

The large cutout

This may be TMI, but I tend to get painful chafing in there. The large cutout on the Terry Butterfly Century saddle is designed to provide soft-tissue relief – both from friction and pressure.

This is the first saddle that I’ve had that has a cutout and it has made a huge difference on long rides.

It’s lightweight

I’m not the kind of bikepacker or cyclist that counts ounces, but it is worth mentioning that the Century saddle is quite lightweight despite it’s slightly larger profile compared to other saddles.

It only weighs 9.5 ounces

What I don’t Like

The first few rides will feel weird

Maybe it’s just because I’m used to really low-profile mountain bike saddles, but the first few times I took the Terry Butterfly Century Saddle out for a ride it felt really big and bulky and I was pretty unsure about it.

But after a few hundred miles with minimal pain and suffering and no chafing, I was convinced!

If you try this saddle, give it a chance. It may feel awkward at first, but after a few rides, you might begin to change your mind about it. I did!

It’s expensive

You’ve probably already figured out that biking isn’t cheap. Whether you’re a mountain biker, a bikepacker, a gravel cyclist, or a roadie, buying new gear and maintaining your equipment is expensive.

While I don’t always agree that high prices equal top quality, I do think that $190 for a good saddle that will keep your nether regions happy and chaff-free is worth it.

Yes, you can get a cheaper saddle. But I think the Terry Butterfly Century is worth its price tag.

Photo out over crossed legs of bikepacking bike loaded with gear on beach with ocean in background in Costa Rica

Terry Century vs Fly Century

Terry has a similar saddle called the Fly Century that is slightly narrower and longer but still designed for long days on the bike. The Fly Century is a better fit for women with narrow hips or those who don’t like the bulkier feeling of the Century.


Terry Century Bike Saddle

Length: 10.3 inches

Width: 6 inches

Weight: 9.5 ounces

Price: $189.95

Fly Century

Terry Fly Century Bike Saddle

Length: 10.9 inches

Width: 5.4 inches

Weight: 9.1 ounces

Price: $189.95

Final thoughts

I am really impressed with the Terry Buttery Century Saddle for multi-day long-distance bikepacking trips. It’s comfortable, hasn’t caused any chaffing issues, and doesn’t leave my butt feeling like it’s on fire at the end of the day.

This wouldn’t be the saddle I choose for everyday road, mountain, or gravel riding, but it’s definitely the saddle I’ll choose for big adventures.

Where to shop:

Do you have a favorite saddle? Have you tried the Terry Butterfly Century? What questions do you still have? Leave a comment below!

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