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  1. Hi –
    Thank you for sharing your info, very helpful! I just bought a 2019 Travato with stock tires and returning from my maiden voyage, couldn’t drive it all the way up my driveway which is a pretty steep, gravel road. I loved your tire recommendations and am curious, have you had success driving dirt/gravel roads with an incline or do you stay mainly on flat roads? My driveway may be as steep as a 14% grade, my estimate. My all wheel drive GMC Yukon handles it easily.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Virginia – we definitely take our Travato out on backroads and on dirt. I remember one particularly steep hill we drove up and we definitely wouldn’t have made it with the stock tires. The Aegilis tires have been much better- I can’t say for sure if they’ll allow you to drive up your driveway, but they have helped us

  2. So much fun reading your adventures with your T. Wondering about the new Draw-Tite receiver hitch that was installed. Does it mount the same way as the original Curt with just mounting bolts along the face, or was does the new hitch mount differently?

  3. Hey Becky and Andy, Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by it was nice meeting you Andy and thanks ever so much for our delish seafood dinner. I really enjoy looking at all the wonderful adventures you take and all the info you are providing other bikers. xo

  4. New Travato G owner here and this is exactly the article I’ve been looking for. I just spent a ton on Amazon on some of your recommended products. Thanks so much!

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