Clever Bicycle Ornaments For The Holidays

Keep the cycling spirit going year-round with these clever and unique holiday bicycle ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Wooden Bicycle ornaments with red bow on Christmas Tree

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One of my favorite things to do as a kid was decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments on Christmas Eve. I loved unwrapping each ornament after it had been packed away for the past 12 months and choosing the perfect spot on the tree to hang it.

If your holiday traditions sound familiar and you’re also a bike fanatic like me, check out these unique bicycle ornaments to add to your Christmas tree.

Christmas bicycle ornament made out of metal

1. Steel Mountain Bike Ornament


A simple metal cut-out of a mountain bike. You can also personalize it with a name and year.

Christmas bike ornament made out of colorful recycled paper

2. Recycled Paper Bike Ornament


These recycled paper bike ornaments are super cool and unique. Also be sure to check out her other ornaments, which are even more amazing!

Utah mountain biking metal ornament with Utah punched out and bike in the middle

3. State Mountain Bike Ornament


Show your love for biking in a specific state with these state ornaments. Not all states are available, but you may be able to request a custom ornament with your state.

Christmas ornament of a wreath made out of a recycled bike chain with a bow at the top

4. Wreath Bike Chain Ornament


This cute wreath ornament is made out of upcycled bike parts.

Three mountain bike Christmas ornaments lying next to each other shaped like a cog ring with mountain biker and mountains in the middle

5. Wood Mountain Bike Ornament


These wooden ornaments feature downhill mountain bikers. You can request a personalized name or message.

Christmas ornament of star made out of a recycled bike chain

6. Bike Chain Star Ornament


A festive star ornament made from an upcycled bicycle chain.

Christmas ornament of red and white candy cane made out of a recycled bike chain

7. Bike Chain Candy Cane


Super cute candy cane ornament made from a recycled bike chain. Available in two sizes.

Christmas ornament of snowflake made out of a recycled bike chain

8. Bike Chain Snowflake


A festive snowflake ornament made from an upcycled bike chain.

Christmas ornament of male cyclist on bike with arms in the air

9. Personalized Race Winner (M)


Finish a race this year? Commemorate it with a personalized cyclist ornament.

Christmas ornament of female cyclist on bike with arms in the air

10. Personalized Race Winner (F)


Female personalized cyclist ornament.

Pewter Christmas ornament of Jeep with mountain bike on top

11. Mountain Bike Road Trip


Keep the road trip stoke year-round with this mountain bike road trip ornament.

Santa on a bike Christmas ornament made in Kenya

12. Santa On A Bike Ornament


This ornament is made out of banana fibers by artisans in Kenya. Proceeds go back to families in Africa.

Stitched and stuffed gingerbread cyclist Christmas ornament

13. Gingerbread Cyclist


Who doesn’t love a gingerbread man, especially one decked out in bike gear?

Santa face made out of recycled bicycle parts with red and white had

14. Bike Chain Santa


This Santa is made from recycled bike parts and topped with a festive red hat.

Two Christmas Ornament Wire Cyclists made out of recycled wire

15. Christmas Ornament Wire Cyclists


These handmade ornaments are crafted from recycled materials by artisans in Kenya.

Do you have a favorite ornament you can’t wait to bring out each year? Share in the comments below!

Keep the cycling spirit going year-round with these clever and unique holiday bicycle ornaments for your Christmas tree.
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