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  1. Thank you for this post. I would have never thought of riding Ely without it. We stopped there a couple nights on the way back to Prescott from NorCal via Downieville. I rode Cave Lake and Iceplant. Both rides were outstanding! The downhills on Twisted Pines and Iceplant/Whoops were some of the best flow I have ridden, and they had just enough surprises to keep it interesting.

  2. we were disappointed in the Ely trails. Riding up ftom the campground, the lower trails were just toads. The upper trails were pretty featureless getting up to the shuttke drop off point. The ends of some trails were poorly designed (i.e. they took you down to a jeep toad and then up it to get to the next trail when it could have stayed off road at the same elevation as the stsrt of the next trail).
    Any features were man made, the tread is loose and horses have loosened it more, sections will not be fun if it becomes popular with horses. The whole trail system at Ward seems to be geared for shuttling. I guess it is easy to criticize after coming from Bend, Klamath Falls, Mt. Shasta, and Incline/Lake Tahoe areas.

    1. Did you get over to Cave Lake? That’s where the ‘best’ mountain bike trails are. Also – would love to know what trails you rode if you want to share. Some of the trails definitely are looser and have horse traffic, but there are a lot of trails that are smooth and built for mountain bikers that don’t see any horse traffic.

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