Best Mountain Bike Gloves for 2022: A HANDUP Review & More!

Discover the best mountain biking gloves all riders including my all-time favorites, HandUp Most Day Gloves. Learn why I love them & more!

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The best mountain bike gloves are ones that are durable and last more than one season (not all of them do!), are fully touchscreen compatible, and provide extra grip so your hands don’t slip off the bars on sweaty days. Bonus features include extra padding for bike park runs, fun colors, and if you choose HANDUP gloves, witty quips and sayings across the palms.

My go-to gloves are HANDUP’s because they check all of those boxes and more. In this post, I give a detailed review of why I love them plus a few other options if you’re shopping around.

Discover the best mountain bike gloves for 2022 including my all-time favorites from HANDUP!

Note: This post was not sponsored by HANDUP. I just really love them!

Winner: HANDUP Regular Gloves

HANDUP’s are my top choice when it comes to mountain biking. I personally think they are the best mountain bike gloves on the market because they have a lot going for them like amazing durability, fun patterns, ever-changing designs, and much more. Read on to learn more about the company and why I love them so much!


HANDUP is a small company based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was started in 2014 by a husband-wife team as a side-business and has since exploded. Their vision was to create a brand that offered unique and fun products that also helped build community. Today, HANDUP gloves are widely recognized for their bright colors, fun patterns, and sassy sayings across the palms.

What Make HANDUP Gloves So Great?

Fun patterns, Colors, & Quips across the palms

One characteristic that sets HANDUP gloves apart and makes them, in my opinion, one of the best mountain bike gloves out there is their fun patterns, colors, and sayings across the palms. Patterns range from simple topo-maps and camouflage to flashy snakeskin, cheetah print, and floral designs.

I also love the quips splayed across each palm. Keep the fun going on the trail with gloves that say “Send It”, “Beer Me”, “Stoked”, “Party Time”, “Ride Dirty”, and more.


Good looks aren’t the only thing HANDUP gloves have going for them. They’re also the most durable mountain bike gloves I’ve ever owned. Most others gloves I found will last a season, maybe two, but HANDUP gloves last multiple seasons and hundreds of miles.

I pedaled 630 miles across the state of Washington with only one pair and they had zero rips and tears at the end and didn’t even really show much sign of wear. Amazing!

Discover the best mountain biking gloves for all riders including my all-time favorites, HandUp Regular Gloves. Learn why I love them & more!
My HANDUP gloves carried me through my Cross-Washington Mountain Bike Ride with no rips or tears

Touchscreen compatiblity

Mountain bike gloves should be touchscreen compatible so you don’t need to remove them when snapping photos or navigating with your GPS app. HANDUP gloves have Full Touch technology woven throughout the entire palm, allowing you to easily access your camera and phone apps.

artist Designs

Another feature I love about HANDUP is that they support artists by recruiting them to help design their gloves. Pro mountain biker Jill Kintner recently released three of her designs and past collaborators have included PNW artist and rider Gretchen Leggitt, Hopi tribe member Duane Koyawena, and more.

Gloves that Give

Gloves That Give are a series of HANDUP gloves that support local communities and projects. A portion of these sales goes directly to different organizations to help with initiatives ranging from trail building to other projects making a positive difference in the world.

HANDUP Gloves Pros & Cons


  • Very durable and last longer than most mountain bike gloves
  • Support artists and community projects
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Small family-run business
  • Custom orders (500 pairs minimum)
  • Four different weights to choose from: summer, regular, cold-weather, and pro performance
  • Don’t have annoying velcro tabs at the wrist
  • They come in a wide range of sizes from xx-small to xx-large
  • Crash replacement policy
  • 1-year warranty for none-wear related issues
  • New patterns and colors are constantly be added


  • They’re shipped in individual plastic HANDUP-branded bags. While these look nice, they’re totally unnecessary and add more plastic to the landfills 🙁
  • Sizes and patterns go out of stock quickly and since new patterns are constantly being added, if you missed out on one you like, you may be out of luck alltogether
  • Few options for toned-down colors or patterns. Most of their gloves are pretty loud and colorful, which might not appeal to every rider
Discover the best mountain biking gloves for all riders including my all-time favorites, HandUp Regular Gloves. Learn why I love them & more!
Bright colors and fun patterns abound at HANDUP

Other options for good mountain bike gloves

If you don’t love the loud patterns and bright colors of HANDUP gloves, here are a few other best mountain bike gloves to consider.

DHaRCO Bike Gloves

I really love DHaRCO for their Party Pants liners, but they make great mountain bike gloves as well. The DHaRCO Bike Gloves have a breathable mesh top and a durable faux leather palm. The fingers are touchscreen responsive, so you can still send that photo to remind your friends that they missed out on a great ride. These are also a great choice for women with longer fingers.

The only thing I don’t love about these gloves is that they have a “female” font compared to the men’s. Check out the men’s version here.

DHaRCO Gloves // Discover the best mountain biking gloves for all riders including my all-time favorites, HandUp Regular Gloves. Learn why I love them & more!

Check: evo / DHaRCO

Dakine Covert Gloves

I used to love Dakine mountain bike apparel, but I feel like in recent years they’ve changed a lot of their gear and it doesn’t fit as well. That being said, their gloves are still a great choice. The Dakine Covert’s are my favorite style because they’re a great weight and are pretty durable.

They also have silicone grips on the fingers, which help keep your hands from slipping on the bars. Check out the men’s Covert’s here.

Dakine Covert gloves // Discover the best mountain biking gloves for all riders including my all-time favorites, HandUp Regular Gloves. Learn why I love them & more!

Check price: REI / evo / Backcountry

Mountain Bike Glove Features

When shopping for the best mountain bike gloves here are a few features to look out for:

Touchscreen compatibility

Most new mountain bike gloves should be touchscreen compatible, but just double-check to make sure. Some brands and models are better than others. I find HANDUP gloves to be great!

Extra Padding & Protection if desired

I don’t typically like extra padding or protection on my gloves unless I’m heading to the bike park for a fast day or I know I’ll be crashing through lots of underbrush. However, it’s important to know that mountain bike gloves come with a variety of different padding and protection options from gel pads on the palms to help with comfort to small plastic studs and even plates on the outer side for protection during crashes.

Depending on what kind of riding you’ll be doing and how much protection you need to feel comfortable, there’s a glove for you.

Glove weight

Mountain bike gloves come in several different material weights:

  • Lightweight gloves, like the HANDUP summer gloves, are made to maximize airflow and dry quickly. They typically have a mesh upper and thin material on the palm.
  • Mid-weight gloves are your everyday gloves that provide a bit more protection and durability than light gloves but are still great for most days out on the trail.
  • Padded gloves that are meant for downhilling will be thicker and heavier to help keep your hands protected in case they meet some rocks or a tree.
  • Finally, when temps get chilly, cold weather gloves help to keep your fingers toasty with thicker material and perhaps even a fleece lining. I have a pair of the 100% Brisker gloves for cold winter riding and my hands stay nice and warm. HANDUP does cold weather gloves as well.

What do you consider to be the best mountain bike gloves? Do you have a favorite? What do you love about them? Leave a comment below!

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Discover the best mountain biking gloves for all riders including my all-time favorites, HandUp Regular Gloves. Learn why I love them & more!

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