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  1. Awesome what y’all are doing keeping the thrill alive! Looking for any info on rental and trails in or near the Moab area for pedal adaptive bikes. Meeting my brother there at the end of March and would like to get him out on some trails. Any info would be greatly appreciated

  2. I work for Spaulding Adaptive Sports and lead our introductory mountain bike program on Cape Cod, MA. I have been working hard with my local and regional NEMBA to make trails more accessible and for accessible ride sections at events. So far I was able to get a well planned out adaptive section at NEMBAFest in Maine last summer. This was a first for them and a first for me. I would say the biggest obstacle was the very wide range of rider skill and/ or type of bike. We did secure adaptive friendly camping, bathrooms and showers for the 3 day event which was key. On a local level (Cape Cod) I lead rides most Saturdays in our local conservation land. The town has been supportive, making space opening next to the closed gait wide enough for adaptive bikes, but still narrow enough that ATV’s cannot get in. They have approved some slight alterations of trails for improved access, this is always a tough battle, mostly because it is conservation land. I just applied for a grant from NEMBA for funding to add trail markers in the trails I have laid out so far, with hopes of eventually labeling all the single track (~40 miles) in this one area. Cape Cod NEMBA has just over 1000 miles of groomed trails so many opportunities here. Everything yoy talked about in the article I have been working on. The only thing different is that since we are an introductory program and basically live on a sandbar, we do not have e-assist bikes. I am a big believer in learning how to ride before adding power although I know this is not possible in so many regions. Would love to collaborate as it sounds like we share the same mission.

    1. Sounds like you’re doing some awesome things for the adaptive mtb community! I’ve heard really great things about the riding in Cape Cod. Hoping to get up there next summer.

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