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  1. Hi,
    I was on the fence and your article helped me pull the trigger. I do a lot of climbing in SoCal. Absolute Black indicates on their FAQs that you should use the same tooth count.
    It’s arriving today…

  2. Good informative article written in a really straightforward way…the perfect amount of info in a simple to understand writing format. Thank you.

    I have a 32 tooth now and was just going to get a 32 to replace it, but your +2/-2 comment got me thinking. I’m fine with it feeling like a 30 on the recovery part of the pedal stroke, but am I ok with it turning into a 34 on the power part of the stroke? I’m thinking about the increased difficulty on a climb when the ratio gets higher. Thoughts?

    1. Typically you want to drop down a ring size with ovals. So if you were going to get a 32 round, you’ll want to get a 30 oval. That would give you a 32 on the power stroke and a 28 on the recovery.

      It also depends on what kind of riding you do most. If you do a lot of techy climbing, you’ll want to gear easier (like a 30t). If you do mostly long rides with little tech, you’ll want to gear harder (like a 32t)

      Hope that helps!

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