Essential Gear for The Lemmon Drop

For a complete list of what mountain bike gear to pack for your trip to Tucson, head over to my Complete Mountain Bike Trip Packing List and Mountain Bike Pack Essentials posts.

Here are a few items specific to mountain biking The Full Lemmon Drop.

Dynapill tubeless tire kit for mountain biking

Tubeless Tire Kit + Tire Boot

The Full Lemmon Drop is rough and rugged in places, not to mention remote, so be prepared for flats with a tubeless tire kit and a tire boot.

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Osprey hydration pack for mountain biking

Hydration Pack

Do not underestimate how much water and snacks you’ll need on your ride. Bring a hydration pack filled with at least 3L of water.

Cycle Medic Pro First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

I highly recommend bringing a first aid kit on the Lemmon Drop like the Cycle Medic Pro or you can build your own with their Mod Packs.

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Full Face Helmet

I was definitely glad to have my Bell Super DH full-face helmet on the decent down Mt. Lemmon. Sure, it’s annoying to have a chin bar on climbs and hike-a-bikes, but a full-face definitely helped me feel more confident on the rough DH sections.