3 Gear Essentials for National Trail

For a complete list of what mountain bike gear to pack for your trip to Phoenix, check out these posts:

Here are a few items specific to mountain biking National.

1. Full Face Helmet

I’m definitely glad to have my Bell Super DH full-face helmet on National. Sure, it’s annoying to have a chin bar on the climbs, but a full-face makes me feel more confident on the way back down.

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Backcountry Jenson Competitive cyclist
Osprey hydration pack for mountain biking

2. Hydration Pack

Do not underestimate how much water and snacks you’ll need on your ride. Bring a hydration pack filled with at least 3L of water.

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Saltstick electrolyte tabs

3. SaltStick Tabs

If you’re pedaling in hot temps, these SaltStick tabs are lifesavers. They help with staying hydrated, maintaining endurance, and preventing bonking. I love them!

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