New Orleans is pretty darn flat. This makes it a great place to bike 🙂

Unfortunately, there is a lot of trash and garbage lining the streets and bike paths of New Orleans.

I’m not sure if this is because laws against littering aren’t enforced (or maybe there aren’t any?) or if it’s just a cultural thing. Either way, it’s super sad and disgusting. Thankfully, New Orleans has a lot of other great attributes.

The roads and bike trails around New Orleans have been hammered with storms, flooding, and sinkholes, so they can be pretty rough in some areas. Always keep an eye on the road while you’re cycling so you don’t go headfirst into a pothole!

Most of the major streets in New Orleans are one-way and pretty much all of the streets in the French Quarter are one-way. Make sure you know which way traffic is heading before you take a turn onto a new street.